A Popular Style Through The Ages

Venetian carnival masks were made in Venice as a tradition that dated long ago, centuries past, as early as the 1200’s. The masks are still living on today as artisan create beautiful Venetian mask version of their own using their creativity and imagination. These masks are handmade that could comprise of different materials like precious fabrics and feathers. Masks are sold in stores and people d not usually know its historic value like that of masks that are used in the classical Venetian classic theaters.

In Italy, a city is suspended between the skies and the seas – its breath taking view of love and passion. Venice. To see more of its beauty, go and patron the Carnival and dress up with masks and feel the excitement that of the 17 hundreds

Goldoni was a performing artist who has has influenced the typical masks with his comedy. His wit and irony highlighted the Venetian nobles, merchants and servants of their strengths and weaknesses.

The most famous mask that Goldoni has ever created is the Harlequin, a deceitful servant who had affairs with the Pantaloon family. The old man Pantaloon was a very rich man that had plenty of young girls to beset.
The Carnival of Venice drew attention to the entire world as early as the 1700’s when noble European men would patron the event to spend their most wanted vacation of luxury, fantasy and lustful desires. Venetians introduced the wearing of masks to these foreigners during their stay at the Carnival.

Why is the Carnival of Venice still very famous world wide? This maybe because the past stayed entrapped in the walls of each building and landscape of Venice and perhaps the ladies or knights make it seem like you live in the past as if it were magic and ancient.

When you’re at Venice especially during the Carnival, you will feel as if you are not from the present rather a part of the history of that magical city. And if you are lucky enough to bring along your good fortune, you might as well attend private parties at old buildings or palaces like balls or courtships.

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