How Korean Women View Foreigners In South Korea

In Korea, foreigners with good manners are treated with high respect. Ill manners are not appreciated in Korea. Therefore, if you are looking forward to win the heart of a Korean woman, being a foreigner, there are certain very important points that you should remember. You should remember to take care of your body language, your fashion sense and your sense of punctuality in order to impress your Korean princess.

Respect and modesty are the two qualities that are much appreciated in Korea, even when you are a foreigner in Korea. Therefore, if you want to win the heart if a Korean woman, you will have to make sure that your behavior towards her should always be filled with respect and humility according to the Korean custom. Of course, your humility should not also mean that you are losing your individuality in your bid to impress the Korean woman. Since you do not know the Korean language, your body language is going to communicate your feelings of respect, so here are some tips to the perfectly respectful body language while meeting a Korean woman. These body gestures should be maintained in every communication in Korea, not only for the woman you are trying to approach.

• If you are in a sitting position while you are meeting a Korean person, then you will have to make sure that you are sitting properly with your feet on the floor and not cross-legged on the chair. A leg stretched in a straight manner in front of the chair is also considered improper. However, don’t keep sitting when you are meeting a Korean person. You will have to stand up and bow in greeting to show your respect. Let the other person sit first, then you can resume your seat.

• You will have to bow in greeting or while taking leave. Some people also wave hands while taking leave. Koreans consider any kind of physical contact like a hand-shake or a kiss highly improper, so you will have to refrain from any kind of such physical contact. However, if the other person extends her hand then you will have to hold her hand gently with your right arm and support your right arm with your left arm as a show of respect. If you are receiving or passing any object, you should always use both your hands.

Apart from your body language, you should always possess a good sense of individual fashion in order to impress the Korean woman. This is because Korean women possess an international sense of fashion with their own Korean individuality, so your fashion sense should be a standard one to get the eyes of a Korean woman.

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